The environment around you providing so many chances for damaging your hair unluckily. You can experience over hair loss on ironing your hair in some instances even the sun rays are enough to damage your hair and this becomes the reason for thinning of hair.

Due to this, they start to break before they are growing enough. In this case, you can make hair grow at home naturally without using unnatural products in the market. But the sad thing is most of the people are unaware of it, for those people here are few natural recipes shared that can make your hair grow faster than you think.

Coconut oil and cinnamon mask

Everyone knows the coconut oil is can encourage the growth of hair but when it combines with the cinnamon they thicken your hair and that prevents the breaking of hair. To prepare this mask you need a spoon of cinnamon powder and three to four spoons of coconut oil, mix both of these ingredients. Then apply them to the scalp and roots of your hair slowly and provide them a massage that enhances blood circulation and strengthens your hair.

coconut oil

Castor oil mask

You can buy the castor oil directly from the market easily and you can enjoy so many benefits on using this castor oil in various ways. But the bitter truth is this generation people are unknown to it. Through using the castor oil you can avoid dandruff because it has antimicrobial properties and also rich in fatty acids. Take a spoon of castor oil and with the help of your fingertips apply them to the roots of the hair and massage them for around 10 minutes, so that the oil penetrates easily inside your scalp, which reduces hair fall and enhances hair growth.

Coconut oil with honey

The coconut oil honey mask can give a solution for dry, damaged hair, split ends, and some other hair related issues. To make them workout just take two to three spoons of coconut oil and mix them with raw honey and apply them to your scalp slowly. Then allow them to settle for 30 minutes later rinse your hair, through this the blood circulation increases, and your hair growth will be increased.

Final verdicts

These are few DIY recipes for hair growth treatment, which you can follow, but still, there are so many recipes, if you are concerned about your hair try to follow them and fix your hair fall problems.