Even though a lot of hairstyles to try this French braid always holds a special place in the hearts of today’s girls. There are so many reasons why girls admiring this hairstyle the most, one among that reason is they go well with both modern and traditional outfits.

However, this hairstyle is one of those complicated things on the earth especially when you are making them for the first time. Therefore, to help you with getting the French braid here are the simple ways to french braid your own hair has been described, look for it and try them on your hair.


Preparation comes at first, you are going to put braids on your hair. In that case, your hair should be free of tangles so comb your hair thoroughly to get smooth and uniform braids.


The first and foremost step for making the French braid on your hair starts with splitting a hair. The braids you are making are similar to the traditional braids, so from the front part of your hair split the hair into three sections and create the general braid pattern by putting one on another alternatively. You can separate all the three sections of hair with your running fingers, remember all the three parts of hair should in equal volume to get an even look.



To get the smooth and uniform braids to concentrate on your braids, to make the braids hold two sections of hair in one hand and put the right section of hair over the centre part and then the left section over the centre, similar to traditional braids. You have to repeat this until getting a few rows of braids.


After making a few rows of braids you have to continue the braids by incorporating the new sections or strands of hair. But before inserting the new hair strands take the hair from the sides of the braids and then included them with the cross-overs. Every time take few new strands of hair, no matter how much you take but try to take small strands of hair for a better look.


One after the other bring all your hair strands into the braids, in the beginning, it may seem difficult for you but after few braids your finger gets to practice and the putting the braids become easier for you. With the following braids finish your braids and put hairbands to secure your braids from getting disturbed.

Final verdicts

When you have an idea about making french braid your own hair you can make them easily even though the task is newer for you. This article will give you step by step instructions on making them so make use of it to get French braids.